Zsámbék I. Dolomite Mine

The dominant mineral of the quarry is dolomite, which appears as 1-3 mm crystals in the cracks and cavities of the rock.

Beautiful marcasite can be collected from the side of the larger rocks rolled down to the lower level.

The most interesting mineral of the quarry is barite, which is colorless 1-5 mm

it appears in plates, or in elongated, yellowish-brown, needle-rayed sheaves reaching 1 cm, in pointed glass-like clusters of crystals.


Dolomite and Limestone

Main dolomite products

Dolomite stone, power

Selected stones



-for the construction of roads, parking lots, carports,

- for making coarse and fine bedding under buildings,

- as bedding under floor coverings,

- for garden construction, rock walls

ADVANTAGES OF USING GRAVEL: frost-resistant, difficult to absorb water, easy to incorporate, excellent compaction, aesthetic, cost-effective.

Main Products 

The list prices are informative, please contact us for an individual offer. Our prices are net prices and include the loading and weighing fees.



ZK 0/22 

2650 Ft

ZK 0/50

2650 Ft

ZK 2/4

5100 Ft

ZK 11/22

3250 Ft


3250 Ft


3250 Ft

Dolomite grist

7 900 Ft

Dolomite power

- The price of dolomite powder is understood to be delivered to the entire country,

- Order unit - for dolomite powder - 25 Tons

13 000 Ft

Wall blasted stone

2300 Ft

Selected stones

unique prices

Zsámbék I. Dolomite and Limestone Mine

Hazai Bányák Zrt. 

Zsámbéki I. Dolomitbánya

2072 Zsámbék, 054 hrsz, Mányi út

GPS: 47.544964, 18.698912


06-1-369-7111 vagy +36706460779 

Contacts of the Mine:

Mine manager: Szétag Balázs 

+36 23 340185