Sand and Gravel

Both sand and gravel are raw materials for wide use.

An important element of construction is sand, and sandy gravel, or gravel. For example, the raw material of CKT, we use it for foundation, driveways, concrete, sockets or even slabs, but we also use sand to mark mechanical and electrical lines.

For example, 0-16 sandy pebbles are the main raw material for concrete. Gravel is recommended for medium-rough concrete. Filling formwork stones, pouring monolithic slabs, making mounting concretes, making CKT, pavements, pavement concrete, etc.

Price of the main Products

Sandy gravel with natural eye distribution in road base, embankment, CKT

0/45 sandy gravel with natural eye distribution (quarry pond)  

1779 Ft

0/32 graded sandy gravel  

2495 Ft

0/16 graded sandy gravel

2766 Ft

0/8 graded sandy gravel

3261 Ft

Graded sandy gravel in concrete 

0/4 graded sand

3390 Ft

0/2 graded sand  

3950 Ft

2/4 graded sand  

2258 Ft

4/8 graded gravel 

3551 Ft

8/16 graded gravel  

3551 Ft

4/16 graded gravel

3182 Ft

16/32 graded gravel

3038 Ft

Other products

16/45 Clay gravel

1247 Ft

Infertile charge material

1634 Ft

NH Mine sand

1851 Ft


4331 Ft/alk

Prices are net prices, including loading and weighing fees.

Sand and Gravel applications

CKT row material

Whether you are concreted on a sidewalk or a driveway, it is very important to buy raw materials of the right quality, clean gravel and strong cement.  

Sandy gravel

0-22 Gravel: Just as good for making concrete as 0-16 gravel, but we get a slightly coarser end result. Ideal for foundation: band base, point base, array base.


It is mostly used for marking mechanical and electrical wiring, but the mining sand can be suitable for masonry sands or even for a sandbox for a playground.