The solidification of volcanic lava is called andesite, which is mostly used to build roads and parking lots.

Crushed stone is one of the most important props for car stops, drainages, footpaths, construction projects, and other landscaping tasks.

It is often used to decorate the area around lakebeds, streambeds, splashes, and fire-starting places.

In addition to its aesthetic value, it prevents the growth of weeds, therefore it is also excellent for mini rock gardens. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes at our site. 

What is andesite used for?

Andesite has been one of humanity's favorite mining raw materials for centuries, due to the fact that it is very easy to extract and its usability is considered extremely widespread. It is used in the greatest quantities in road construction, as it can be considered as a crushing material as one of the bases of concrete pavements and asphalt pavements, which can give adequate strength to routes designed for higher load capacity, more extensive parking surfaces and other concrete plaques. A lot of andesites is also used in the construction of railways, as the stone crushes under the rails are nothing more than this type of volcanic rock, which, due to its high strength and resistance, is the perfect choice for the safe driving of multi-ton vehicles.

In addition, andesite can be used to make a very durable and massive masonry material, but it can also be an indispensable accessory when laying houses. We can also often run into andesite-enveloping materials, as this extremely hardy volcanic rock forms the basis of a lot of tiles and square stones, especially outdoor ones.

Of course, the andesite can be used on its own, as a crusher in the garden, as a filler, for laying or permanently filling car entrances and parking lots.

Main andesite products

Z 0/63

 2750 Ft/tons

CP 63/180 Gabion stone 

4150 Ft/tons


1000 Ft/tons

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Andesite usage

Road construction


Paving stone