Waste management and remediation

We undertake the full management and licensing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, from assessment to collection and transport to final utilization or on-site treatment of the damage.

In the field of waste management, many strict domestic and EU directives must be complied with. This guarantees that we carry out the removal and treatment of any waste in a competent and safe manner, and it is part of our service that we also carry out the permits for the given work for our customers.

From any region of Hungary, we undertake the legal removal of generated waste or even on-site treatment.

We also have our own waste treatment plants.

Acceptance of inert construction demolition waste and sale of recycled construction raw materials based on individual agreement.

We undertake the comprehensive management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste nationwide.

Cost-effective solution

Residues consisting of naturally occurring minerals are produced in large quantities during civil engineering works, and wastes are processed into products that can be used for other construction projects, thereby ensuring significant cost savings for our customers. In the field of waste management, strict safety regulations must be complied with. 

These regulations are not always simple and clear, but non-compliance can result in serious financial and even health damage. In addition to the services, our company is also happy to provide advice, we will arrange the licensing, and we will recommend the service that is most suitable or legally appropriate for the given project.

We have all the necessary permits for the professional treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous types of waste.  In addition to the appropriate legal background, we also have the appropriate technology and expertise at our disposal. 


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