Hazai bányák

Hazai Bányák Zrt. was founded in the fall of 2020, but the mines have a history of several years. Our goal was to find mines that can fully serve small and large construction contractors, providing quality service and the best quality raw materials at an affordable price.

We sell the products of more and more mines nationwide, currently an andesite mine in Galgagyörk, a dolomite mine in Zsámbé and a sand-gravel mine in Mogyoró and Feked, a basalt mine in Fülek.

Check out what our mines have to offer:

Galgagyörk andesite mine

Zsámbék I. dolomite mine

Mogyoród III. sand and gravel mine

Feked I. Sand mine

Füleki Basalt Mine

Romhány Quarry

Hazai Bányák is a nationwide sales network specializing in quality mining products, founded in 2020. We can offer a suitable range of raw materials and raw material requirements in the construction industry, with unique conditions from our own products and those of our partners.

Our goal is to build a domestic and national mining product distribution chain that provides one-stop help to our customers in obtaining the necessary raw materials at simple, flexible, and competitive prices.

The Hazai Bányák brand is meant to embody quality and flexible service.

We don't just sell mining products, we try to provide a complex service that makes the work of our partners and customers comfortable and easier.