Quality mining products 

Domestic Mines is a nationally operating sales network specializing in quality mining products, established in 2020. We can offer a suitable range of products and raw materials needed in the construction industry, with individual conditions, from our and our partners' assortments.

Our goal is to build a domestic and national sales chain that distributes mining products, which helps our customers to obtain the necessary raw materials at simple, flexible and competitive prices.

The Domestic Mines brand is intended to shape quality and flexible service.

We not only sell mining products, but we also try to provide a complex service that makes the work of our partners and customers convenient and easier.

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Whether it's dolomite, andesite, basalt, sand, gravel, quartz or gravel, the quantity ordered

- we grow it in our mines, we also make individual fractions,

- they can come for it at a pre-arranged time, or even

- we deliver it with our own trucks on demand - nationally.

We also serve small and large contractors.

Our main products

We serve both small and large contractors. 

Main products


The dolomite mine of Zsámbék, belonging to the area of Domestic Mines Plc., offers extremely high-quality dolomite. In addition to the use of dolomite and limestone in the construction industry, it is extremely important from an agricultural point of view, just as dolomite sand, which is colloquially called lime manure.

At Domestic Mines we sell all its products directly, so due to the shortness of the supply chain, we can serve customers at extremely affordable prices, flexible conditions, unique packages, customized service, and delivery.

More about dolomite sand

Flexible service tailored to your needs

Order from our existing products or ask for a free personal consultation or a unique offer.

Purchase and sales of mines

In addition to the sale of mining products, Domestic Mines Plc. deals with the full range of professional advice and management related to the sale and purchase of mines and materials extracting sites.

If you are interested in the business opportunities of the mining industry, please contact us with trust!

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